The Stallion Show in Herning is fast approaching18-01-2023 - 14:00

In just under two months, the Danish Warmblood Stallion Show 2023 will begin, and we look forward to seeing you all. The ticket sales go very well, and we are delighted by the large turnout we can look forward to.

Danish Warmblood Stallion Show 2023 offers many different activities, and you can look forward to experiencing a lot of different things. True to tradition, the program offers the stallion selection and all kinds of classes in both jumping and dressage. There will be a clinic with the winning Dressage team from World Championships Herning2022, presentation classes for stallions, Danish Warmblood Young Horse Championship in both dressage and jumping, and much more.


Ticket sales are going great, and we are delighted that so many people have planned to pass by Herning in the days from 8-12th of March, where we again look forward to welcoming familiar and new faces.


Both now, in the coming weeks, and during the event, you can keep up with the preparations, the program, and the execution here at dvherning.dk, on our Facebook page Dansk Varmblods Hingstekåring and on our Instagram @danskvarmblodshingstekaaring.


It is also here at dvherning.dk that you can buy tickets if you are not already among the many who have secured access to experience the Danish Warmblood Stallion 2023.


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