Helen Langehanenberg will provide a dressage clinic at the stallion show 13-10-2014 - 09:17

Helen Langehanenberg is together with the stallion Damon Hill the second best dressage equipage in the world. ... Read more

Lars Bak Andersen will be testrider at the Young Horse Championship 09-10-2014 - 09:34

This year the Stallion Show presents the international jumping rider Lars Bak Andersen, as a test rider for jumping horses at the Danish Warmblood Young Horse Championship.... Read more

New website for the Stallion Show and Horse & Rider 23-09-2014 - 15:45

This new website will give you all the information you need towards the Stallion Show and Horse & Rider... Read more

Test rider Charlotte Dujardin 23-09-2014 - 15:33

This year the test rider will be world champion Charlotte Dujardin... Read more

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