Information for stallion owners

Useful information when presenting a stallion at the selection at Danish Warmblood Stallion Licensing

Danish Warmblood is pleased to welcome you to the Danish Warmblood Stallion Show and Herning Horse Show 2020 and to the MCH Exhibition Centre in Herning!

Below you will find practical information regarding the licensing. The text is provisional and will be updated during the next months again. If there are specific topics you need information about, please contact Christina Lund on

News regarding the breeding stallions and WFFS

Danish Warmblood has decided that in order to be on the stallion list starting by 2019 and afterwards your stallion need to be tested for WFFS. Only tests done at Laboklin will be accepted for documentation and the files must be sent to DWB in connection with the entry form, DNA result, entry fee, and x-rays.

The WFFS test documentation must be filled in by laboratory with chip number and registration UELN no of the horse, and preferably also the name of horse, and the test must have been taken out by veterianarian.

The result of the WFFS test will be published at characteristics on Sunday if the stallion is approved or licensed, so the mare owners can decide themselves if they want to use the stallion. A positive test will not have any influence on the stallions grading results.

The same rules applies if you wish to enter your stallion on the DWB stallion list it has to be documented, and stallions without the WFFS test will be removed from our stallion list until WFFS results are available.

PARKING AND UNLOADING: Check-in is possible from Wednesday at gate 20 and all persons arriving must provide access cards and p-cards etc. Loading, unloading, and parking can only happen through entrance gate 20. Long ques may occur so please keep in mind that you can only park for a max of ½ hour right outside the stabling area, then your truck MUST be moved to the truck parking space. Remember to place the attached p-card in the front window and to inform the person who transports your horses of the above. For hay and feed materials stored in large horse transports parked besides the camping area (long-term parking), you can borrow carts. It is possible to order power for a large horse truck, please order as well with the camping ground order form found on the website as soon as possible and at the latest on February 20th, should you have forgotten this. We would like to kindly encourage to good order towards Danish Warmblood staff and wardens. Keep in mind that they are volunteers who are there to help you.

STABLING: Stallions for licensing are in Hall C. Stabling area of the international competition classes is located in buildings near Hall Q, and they are fenced and kept as required by FEI. There are no water cups or cribs in the box stalls. Remember to bring buckets for watering and feeding. Special wishes for the stabling in hall C can be communicated to at the latest on February 15th 2020. Remember to inform of the cell phone no. of you and your groom in the email, so that we have a possibility to reach you with important changes and new urgent information. If you have signed up for 5 horses or more and want an extra box - against separate charge - then it must be ordered directly by Danish Warmblood tel: + 45 87475400, at the latest on February 15th.

It is not allowed to use the boxes as sales stands, but it is allowed to have some brochures at the boxes. The stable is open from Wednesday at 8am to 10pm and there is no entrance before Wednesday at 8am. The stable is open again from Thursday at 6am. When you arrive with your stallion please refer to the stable guard office who will show you to your box stall(s). The stallion must not be moved to other box stalls without the accept of the stable guard. Please beware that the health certificate and owner declaration MUST be handed over to either vet or stable guard and signed by the owner at the latest on Wednesday March 8th at 8pm or else the stallion cannot participate in the licensing and will be referred to the Late Stallion Licensing in April 2020 at Vilhelmsborg.

Passports are handed over at the measurement of height of withers and vet examination.
Shavings can be bought at the price of DKK 100. - incl. VAT per bale. Keeping of feed and equipment is at your own risk. If you wish to keep feed and hay in your trucks or alike, carts can be borrowed for the transport to and from stable area.

OLDER STALLIONS FOR LICENSING: For older stallions for licensing that are to compete in the CSI**/CSI***/CDI5*/CDI4* afterwards must be stabled in the FEI stables. They must also meet for the FEI vet check. Their passports are only shown at the licensing vet check/measuring of height at withers but must be handed over at the FEI vet check.

SAFETY: TV’s, coffee machines or alike as well as smoking and the use of candles are strictly prohibited in the stabling area due to fire hazard. Furthermore, it is not allowed to have hay bundles piled up in or outside the box stalls. Breaches of these regulations may lead to the Fire Department closing the entire stabling area.


Wednesday evening at 6pm-8pm (08.00-20.00 hours) in Hall C behind the stable guard office the vet examination and measuring of height at withers take place. Here it is very important that the original passport is handed over to the vet or chief of measurements.

VACCINES: Remember that your horse has to have a valid vaccination certificate. The rules of the Danish Equestrian Federation are applied. No inoculation must have been done later than 10 days before entering the Herning stables in March 2020. For horses competing in the CDI5*, CDI4*, CSI** and CSI*** the current FEI rules apply.

SEMEN EXAMINATION: All DWB approved stallions must present an approved semen analysis before breeding in DK. Foreign stallions must provide the required DNA control of the semen, the cost being paid by the stallion owner. Detailed information will be sent to the relevant persons after the selection.
DOPING: Is prohibited and random control may occur.

SHOEING RULES AND CHECK-UP: A random examination of the shoeing of the stallions may occur. If the stallion is shoed in other ways than described in the “Almindelige Bestemmelser”, he cannot participate in the licensing if this is not corrected.


Through the days training and warming up is possible at different warm-up arenas in near proximity to all three show arenas. Hours pending.
Changes may occur, keep an eye on the noticeboard in the stabling area during the event as well.

LICENSING: In order to ensure a good and fast flow of the event a separate minute plan and a book of instructions are produced for the stallion keepers and handlers. Read them carefully!!! They will be online from Late January/early February. Only the number sign enclosed in your envelope must be used and shall be placed on each side of the stallion's head. Do not cut it to a smaller size, since it has to be easily seen by judges as well as the spectators.

ANNUAL STALLION LIST: BEWARE: Your stallion is not automatically enrolled on the stallion list, even though it has just been licensed. If your stallion should appear on the stallion list in April (printed magazine and web-based as well) and the summer period please remember to sign onto the stallion list no later than Sunday in at the show office of Dansk Varmblod in building M in Herning during the show.

BRACELETS: Two bracelets are enclosed per stallion entered. These must be tied closely to the wrist. It is possible to buy extra bracelets at 1,200.- DKK. Seats for bracelet holders are reserved in section L7 and L10 in Boxen, and the bracelet grants access to stables and all day-time arrangements. Apart from Boxen and gala shows there will be free seating in most arenas during the days. Payment and handing over of extra bracelets is done at the show office of Dansk Varmblod in building M in Herning.

TICKETS FOR THE GALA SHOW: The restrictions of the Danish Fire Department have caused that bracelets are NOT valid for the night shows in Boxen and KRAFFT arena M as well as for the daytime clinics. The Gala Shows are nearly identical. For each entered horse there are two free tickets for a Gala Show for either Friday or Saturday. These are enclosed.

RIDING HELMETS: All handlers must wear a riding helmet for safety reasons in all showings during our stallion licensing.

In order to create a consistent look in the arenas and promote Danish Warmblood generally, it is required that handlers and helpers who show the horses by hand as well as the others in the arena (not the judges who have their own uniforms) must wear Danish Warmblood colours red and white.
white pants / red jersey with Danish Warmblood logo
white pants / white shirt with red tie with Danish Warmblood logo
white pants / shirt with red tie with Danish Warmblood logo / red jacket, vest or sweater with Danish Warmblood logo "crown & wave"

These requirements are not new, but emphasized at the Stallion Licensing where the access track will be denied if you fail to be dressed in the Danish Warmblood colours. The clothes can be purchased at the Danish Warmblood's webshop (can be found from Thursday morning in arena J), call 0045 2612 7026 or email at the latest on February 15th to - then they can have a package ready for you Thursday morning.

PHOTOGRAPHS OF YOUR STALLION: All newly licensed stallions must be photographed at the magazine Ridehesten's photo shoot booth in arena C for the April issue. It is also possible to buy photos of all licensed stallions participating in the show and competition classes.

CAMPING: If you booked an outdoor camping ground for your caravan, inclusive of electricity and bathing facilities, the sheet for the caravan window is enclosed in your letter, or it can be found here for printing. Please be aware that you have to bring your own caravan and that the parking sheet and camping ground sheet are very important to have visible in car window and caravan window respectively.

Please do not hesitate to contact the secretariat for further information.
We have approximately 300 assistants and officials during the days in Herning, DK in March each year! Be good to them - they do teir best to help you and us to run this event with more than 67,000 spectators and 850 horses including international competition horses, stallions, show horses, and the 5-year-old super DWB horses that have qualified for the Young Horse Championships powered by Katrinelund and Blue Hors resepctively.We have approximately 300 assistants and officials during the days in Herning, DK in March each year! Be good to them - they do teir best to help you and us to run this event with more than 67,000 spectators and 850 horses including international competition horses, stallions, show horses, and the 5-year-old super DWB horses that have qualified for the Young Horse Championships powered by Katrinelund and Blue Hors resepctively.

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